[Comblé] Chief Technology & Innovation Officer @enim

CORTO.REV is currently recruiting for a Chief Technology & Innovation Officer for enim, a sustainable development start-up based in Quebec. enim is focused on revolutionizing the management of electronic waste, also known as urban mining, and has tremendous potential for international growth. With the shared vision of enim, Seneca Experts-Conseils, and Dundee Sustainable Technologies, enim aims to become a leader in the sustainable development industry.

Your mission: As the Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, you will have the opportunity to drive innovation and enhance enim ‘s technological capabilities, playing a key role in defining the organization’s technological strategy, determining requirements for new technology implementations, and communicating them to key stakeholders. You will work closely with the management team and report directly to the CEO, making strategic decisions that will shape the future of the company.

enim ‘s mission is to contribute to a sustainable future by revaluing resources in an innovative way that meets the current needs of society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Through a low-footprint hydrometallurgical process, enim transforms obsolete electronic equipment into exploitable resources using a local, sustainable, and economical circular economy approach.

The management of e-waste is a critical environmental issue that the planet faces, with few options available to recycle or recover components responsibly. However, enim’s innovative hydrometallurgical process can harvest up to 99% of critical and strategic minerals found in obsolete electronic equipment. This process has the potential to transform our society into a real urban mine, making enim a leader in sustainable development.


  1. Lead technical Innovation research, implementation, and improvement as the head of the R&D center in the field of hydrometallurgical or other innovative related processes:
    • Track new technology developments in areas of interest to the organization to ensure that it maintains a technological edge within the industry.
    • Identify potential risks and challenges that may impact enim’s growth and develop strategies to mitigate them.
    • Develop and manage budgets for R&D and innovation initiatives, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to support the company’s strategic goals.
  1. Oversee the development of new products, services and business models that are aligned with enim ‘s business strategy and multi-capital vision (ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance):
    • Natural resource conservation
    • Greenhouse gas emission reduction
    • Energy consumption reduction
    • Waste management, etc.
  1. Drive technology innovation throughout the entire organization:
    • Cultivate an innovative and creative culture across the entire organization, fostering alignment among all functional areas of the business.
    • Evaluate and enhance technology standards, while keeping the organization up to date on emerging technologies that can enhance production efficiency, quality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, and ensure their effective integration into company operations.
    • Establish and execute performance metrics to monitor progress and gauge the effectiveness of new initiatives.
    • Build and manage relationships with external partners and stakeholders, leveraging their expertise to facilitate the development of new innovations.
  1. Lead and develop a growing team capable of achieving the company’s objectives. Currently the team consist of:
    • A Chief Scientist, supported by Dundee’s teams (plant and laboratory at the Thetford mine).
    • Four process engineers, supported by Seneca’s teams (industrial process experts in the field of materials).
  1. Develop and maintain a healthy work environment and a strong organizational culture, based on the following five shared values:
    • Innovation
    • Respect
    • Solidarity
    • Ambition
    • Wonder 



  • Oversee the technology implementation in the pilot plant in Thetford Mines.
  • Deliver the first commercial plant according to established criteria (quality, time, costs).
  • Establish a technological innovation roadmap to improve technology & plant efficiency.
  • Be a technological ambassador of enim ’s ecofriendly solution for external stakeholders and potential investors.   


  • You have a solid background in technology implementation and technical project management.
  • Environmental issues fascinate you; you want to contribute to the social mission of an integrated and fast-growing international ESG company.
  • You thrive on taking risks, innovating, and defining something new that doesn’t yet exist.
  • You have a talent for generating multiple ideas, identifying synergies that others may overlook, and boldly presenting innovative proposals. With your exceptional communication skills, you can influence others with tact, encouraging them to consider new avenues and approaches.
  • You enjoy collaborating in a team environment, engaging in open and honest discussions, and fostering genuine and transparent relationships. 



Education and Experience:

  • Minimum of 20 years of experience with at least 5 years of experience in a similar role.
  • In-depth knowledge of chemical technological processes.
  • Solid experience in the development of complex products, from the laboratory to the development of the first production module, at a competitive cost.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, metallurgy, science, or related field.
  • Knowledge of sustainability initiatives and circular economy models, an asset.
  • International experience, an asset. 

Skills and qualities sought:

  • Business acumen, understands both the complexity of a laboratory (Chemistry) and the engineering challenges to deliver the first commercial plant according to established criteria (quality, time, costs).
  • Strategic thinking understands the effects of technology on multi-capital accounting.
  • Influences, develops strong relationships of trust with partners.
  • Able to operate in a complex and dynamic environment.
  • Excellent facilitator who fosters an open exchange of ideas.
  • Rigor and professional ethics. 

Specific knowledge:

  • Mastery of Innovation gates principles.
  • Very good knowledge of French and English, spoken and written.
  • Another language, an asset.


If you are interested in this position, please contact Sylvie Malo: smalo@cortorev.com


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